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Illuminating memorable events

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Victoria Event Lighting

Want to make your dance really, really fun? We can help make that happen!

Like to spruce up your restaurant for a celebration? We can do that!

Need that special ambience for your wedding? We can assist you there!

Would you like a custom made monogram to help get your message across? We can help you with that!

Put some spice in your next corporate event or celebration? We know how!

Craving artistic lighting to enhance your stage performance? We shine!

Prefer something you haven't seen before? We can do that too!

Victoria Event Lighting

We do special event lighting...and we do it very well! We have the expertise to design the lighting for your special event, and skilled lighting technicians to make it happen...without fuss.

Artistic Illumination has a warehouse full of lighting, video, truss and rigging equipment just outside Victoria in Central Saanich so we can get it anywhere on the island you need it quickly. We control our lighting with wireless signals to eliminate cables where your guests go, and use sophisticated computer software to achieve the desired effects to help make your event truly memorable.

So if you're planning a special occasion such as a wedding, dance, gala or ceremony, or a small stage performance, lets get together and make it unique! To learn more about us, and how to illuminate your event, please explore our website, or contact us directly.

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"If I haven't said this already, we were very happy with the amazing job you did with the lighting at Sweet NW this year. You really captured the mood and feel we wanted for the event and made a difference. Thank you for all your work. Tom, Deb and I are grateful for the quality of product and professionalism you have."        Maryann Oct/16

"Your work made the room beautiful. Thank you so much."       Carol-Ann Aug/17

""I was really impressed with the show you brought, and your ability to work with the artists."       Mitch Aug/18

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