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Illuminating memorable events

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Cost effective Artistic Modular Backdrops

Artistic Illumination has developed a system of modular backdrops for use at special events, or anywhere else you could use an awesome contemporary background. These backdrops are most often used as stage backdrops for presentations or entertainment but they also work well behind registration desks and information counters. They're also ideal for outdoor settings. Artistic Modular Backdrop modules are available in many different sizes, colours, patterns, and configurations which may be used independently or combined with other modules or with truss.

How do they work?

Quick and easy to setup and remove by our trained crew, they are usually installed vertically unaffected by any activity around them making them ideal for special events where you often have other setup activities going on at the same time. The frames are rugged aircraft aluminum tubing and the panels are made from stretchy lycra fabric so they are easy to transport and every installation looks outstanding! 

All these images on this page use white lycra panels which we stock, and when illuminated can show your branding and colours, or provide dramatic imagery as required. With a little longer lead time, we can provide a custom colour and pattern to make it your own. Our custom backdrops display exceptionally well at outdoor events in the sunshine.

Create a dramatic entrance

Modular Backdrop Entrance

Build excitement and anticipation by using our modular backdrops and some artistic lighting to fashion a spectacular entrance to your venue. Make an impact to get things started right at the front door.

Backdrops for entertainers

Modular Backdrop for entertainment

Placing our eye-catching backdrops behind the entertainment is a sure way to get your audience to sit up and take notice. This one was set up for a single guitarist with gobos projected on the side panels and static lighting. Our modular backdrops can be rearranged to accommodate any size of group or stage. Our lighting can be vibrant like that shown or subdued, changing as required, or even incorporate images and video if you wish.

The perfect backdrop for a wedding

Modular Backdrop for wedding

Decorate the truss with a floral arrangement and place the happy couple with the minister under the arch with the bridal party extending to the sides. If you like, we can bring the wings forward at an angle to make it more cozy for a smaller group.

Backdrops for education and commerce

Modular Backdrops for presentations

Webinars, seminars, presentations, training sessions, corporate and virtual events all need some help with an interesting background, presentation screens, and to display your branding. Use our presentation screens to display your brand, video, power point slides, or remote speakers. Artistic Modular Backdrops provide all of that and more. Fulfill your needs with style and elegance, efficiently and economically.

Artistic Illumination’s modular backdrops will help you grab and keep your audience, and make you look awesome. Great lighting on stunning backdrops help you create memorable events that will enhance the benefits of that cool event you're planning.

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