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Lighting Your Event

This page demonstrates the process we go through to provide you a detailed quote for lighting your special event, and the planning involved to ensure that you get the lighting you need to help make your event truly memorable.

We were recently engaged to light this venue shown below for a client in Victoria. As you can see, it is a full size gymnasium with a hard wood floor and a lovely dark wood ceiling. It also features a small stage with curtains and a sound system at one end of the room so it can be used as an auditorium. This facility has many exits, entrances, and closets, and sports bright fluorescent lighting overhead, as well as two pianos.

Saanich Centre Auditorium

Our client felt this venue was ideal for their purpose which was to hold a dance with a live band providing the music. We got together with them to discuss their ideas and what they envisioned and the budget we have to work with. Our next step was to visit the premises to gather more information (electrical, access, safety and facility concerns, etc) and get a feel for the room knowing what the client desires.

For a simpler event such as a private party where we deliver the equipment beforehand, set up the lighting as you wish, then come back afterwards to take it all away again, we'll combine the venue inspection with our meeting with you at the venue. This way we can learn about your goals and expectations for the event, and sort out how best to accomplish them. Then we can give you a detailed quotation right then and there.

More elaborate events require a lot more preparation, discussion time, and details to plan for, so it works better for us to understand your objectives first and have this in mind when we visit the venue. That gives us the time we need to figure out how best to meet your goals.

Image of 3d software

Once we collect all this data, we can then begin the design process by creating a layout, or model, of the room to determine where and how lighting should be placed to achieve the best results. We often use powerful 3D software to help us with this planning which allows us to visualize the lighting beforehand and helps us show the customer how the room will look with the lighting in place. This model permits us to rotate the room so we can see it from any angle, or zoom in or out, which allows us to view the scene from any perspective inside or even outside of the room. We also cost the materials, equipment, and labour required so we can give you a written estimate which explains our proposal in detail and the total cost to provide the lighting for your event.

When you’ve approved our proposal and given us the go ahead along with your deposit, we reserve the dates and begin the detailed preparation and programming required. Our written proposal helps us both remember what we’ve agreed to do but you can still tweak it as we go. Any changes we wish to make are costed and agreed to by both of us at the time so there are no surprises at the end of the day.

The software we use to control the lighting onsite also feeds directly into the 3D model we created in the quotation process. While we build a lighting scenario using different effects and colour combinations or timing changes beforehand in our shop, we can see immediately how the lighting is going to look during your special event. When the time comes, we’ll deliver and set up the equipment on site and transform your vision into a truly memorable event.

Image of the venue with our lighting
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