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Illuminating memorable events



Dramatic, bold lighting lifts the energy levels in the crowd and makes them want to dance. On the other hand, soft pastels will bring the energy level down with a calming effect. Likewise, quick and sharp cuts or slow fading of the lighting changes affect the dancers as well. Syncing the lighting in the room with the music's tempo and mood, and with the energy level of the dancers as they get tired or excited is an intregal component of a dance and enhances everyones experience helping create a memorable and successful event.


Nothing enhances wedding receptions and dances like well placed uplighting. We can turn an ordinary plain room into a breathtaking venue suitable to the occasion. This is especially effective using the bridal colours. Artfully placed spotlights on the wedding cake, on centerpieces, or on the head table can really help your guests (and your photographer) capture the moment. We often create a custom monogram with the couple's initials and carefully chosen symbols to project on a wall or ceiling, and on the dance floor for those all important first dances.

Corporate and Special Events

Events are special when the audio setup works flawlessly; the lighting has that "wow" factor; and the general ambience suits the occasion. We use lighting to create the right atmosphere and focus attention where you want the emphasis and help make the rest disappear. Your lighting can be soft or bold, and paint your space with warm or cool colours to draw all the design elements together to make a lasting impression. Corporate events from team building to celebrations, meetings, and Christmas parties all benefit from some creative event lighting. Impress your guests and staff with the perfect ambience for your occasion.

Stage & Performance

The arts are renowned for struggling on a shoe string and here we excel. Great lighting can provide amazing backdrops, or a stage when there aren't any, allowing your performers to shine! We are often called upon to help create a stunning production with a modest amount of equipment. Add a little more technology and achieve mind blowing effects. No matter the budget, we ensure the audience's attention is focused where you want it. And we provide competent crews who work closely with your event director to make it all happen as planned.
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