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Illuminating memorable events

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Michael, our chief lighting guy

Artistic Illumination is about creating images. We use our lighting equipment like an artist wields a paint brush to create a work of art. Our mission is to create the ideal environment with every lighting design we produce to make your event remarkable. Light by its very nature is transient so in effect we are crafting memories and we want them to be outstanding.

Our team is led by Michael Jones shown here, who is your main contact and our chief lighting guy. He's our lighting designer and he also knows a fair bit about sound as he's been deejaying and running dances for quite a few years. If it's a small job he's likely the guy you'll come to know. When the jobs get bigger, we have several subcontractors who work with us as needed. We have also come to know some very talented people along the way such as event and wedding planners, decorators, and photographers so if you need a referral, we can probably help.

A bit about us

We're a team of professionals dedicated to creating the ideal environment for your event. We focus on the lighting so important to providing a suitable energy level and ambience for the occasion. By carefully choosing the right colours, intensity, and contrasts we help you produce a truly memorable event. Tell us your vision and we will make it happen smoothly and leave you and your guests with a lasting favourable impression.

We are an eco-friendly organization: our lighting equipment uses about 10% of the energy that traditional equipment uses. Our LED bulbs last between 10,000 and 50,000 hours versus 50 to 75 hours depending on the fixture. All of the equipment for many of our gigs can be run on a single 15 amp circuit. We use little energy, create little waste, reuse and recycle almost everything, and because our equipment is so small and light, transporting it leaves a very small footprint.

A bit of history

We started out creating dances and became effectively our first customer. Most affordable venues we rented were quite seedy looking with the overhead lights on. We needed an easy and fairly quick means of creating an ambience suitable to an enjoyable evening of dancing. Whatever we came up with had to be temporary leaving no trace when we went home. And so, an idea was born!

Using lighting to create the ambience we wanted was the perfect solution! Unfortunately, it took many, many hours, days, and months to learn how to do it well. It also took a great deal of money to buy the necessary equipment. We soon realized that many people and events could benefit from our investment and so another idea was born and here we are. Artistic Illumination was conceived to provide you with the benefit of our experience at a fraction of the cost.

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